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Connect and collaborate with customers suppliers and colleagues, organise your day, track your sales and opportunities and keep track of everything in one place. Metavoxx brings all of your business information and communications together into a single app. Now you can work from anywhere on your mobile or on any computer.


A full feature-rich phone system with call recording in an app and in a browser. Choose a number for your city and set up simple or advanced call routing to each user in the business.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Business messaging for fast efficient internal communications, Create groups, share messages, images and video while on the go



A personal video meeting room, waiting room and screen share. Guests don't require a Metavoxx account to download or install anything.



Metavoxx includes a no configuration email account with mobile and browser-based webmail.



Keep detailed records of your contacts and businesses that your work with track sales progress and share notes and documents with colleagues. Best of all Metavoxx automatically lists the call recordings of every call right there in their record.

User Interface

User Interface

Everything accessible from a browser with a single sign-in, no software install or configuration. A fully customisable tile-based interface with everything that is going on in your day and your business. Fully functional applications also in the mobile app.



Your office filing cabinet in an app with unlimited storage, create personal folder structures, share with colleagues, access via the browser or Metavoxx app and file by CRM record.



Accessible in the browser and the mobile app, Metavoxx calendar allows you to organise your day and your teams, see daily schedules, including reminders set in the CRM by yourself or colleagues all in one place.

Admin & Security

Admin & Security

Administrators can manage their own phone system and user accounts from the Metavoxx admin portal, deploy new users remotely without any on-site configuration. Powerful privileges can set the users access to every feature on the platform and granular access to CRM data.



Metavoxx Android
Metavoxx iPhone


Feel the power and freedom to connect with your team and

Work Anywhere
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Stay Connected

  • A full PBX grade phone system in an app
  • Call recordings even when mobile
  • One contact number wherever you are
  • Instant messaging
  • Link share video meeting rooms and screens share
  • Guests don’t need a Metavoxx account
  • All applications in a single app and in a browser
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Business Intelligence

  • Contact management and CRM
  • Call recordings filed in CRM records
  • CRM, document storage, calendar and notifications
  • Keep detailed records of all of your business interactions
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Stay Secure

  • Android and IOS apps
  • No install, just log in on any computer
  • All data is safe in the cloud so replacing a phone or laptop is a breeze
  • Just log in any device and all of your accounts are connected instantly
  • Enable/disable all of a contractor’s accounts with 1 clicks
  • Granular privileges allow you to restrict team data sharing




  • Start with just 1 user
  • Work from home or on the go
  • Metavoxx can start small and grow with your business
  • Intuitive apps get new users up and running fast
  • The freedom to work from anywhere
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Micro Businesses

  • Share ideas, sales updates, notes, documents
  • Now the team can stay connected on the go and in the office
  • You are in control of your communications and contacts
  • Jump on a video call with a client or share your screen, no install required


  • Monitor remote user activity via the tile-based dashboard
  • Ideal for connecting office, mobile and remote teams
  • Instant updates across your team, sales opportunities, customers and suppliers
  • Deploy new users in minutes with no remote device configuration required
  • Empower management with rich employee performance data
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