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Metavoxx includes a full VoIP system in an app with instant messaging, video meetings, screen share, email, document storage all built around a CRM and contact management system with calendar and notifications.


Metavoxx telephony is powered by a full function hosted phone system with all of the features you have come to expect from a traditional business phone system and much more.

  • Block annoying callers with just one click even when mobile
  • In and outbound calls from the floating phone, click to dial in CRM records, lists and tiles
  • Full call control, hold and transfer calls to colleagues, even when mobile from the app
  • Mix Metavoxx desktop user accounts with groups of physical phones in any location and mobile app users. You can even link Metavoxx to an on-site physical PBX
  • Call recording saved directly to the CRM business record
  • Call records saved directly to the CRM business record
  • Add numbers from any city
  • Set up call groups
  • Link external lines and mobile numbers
  • Call queuing
  • IVR / auto attendant menus
  • Voicemail
  • Time profiles - route calls differently by time and day of the week
  • Call forwarding to your mobile app or external destination
  • Extension dialling to mobile users, call groups, desktop users, physical phones mailboxes and even off-net lines for fast call and transfer.
  • Pick up groups - pick up someone else's ringing phone from anywhere
  • Black and white lists
  • Connect physical desk phones, cordless phones or door and gate intercom
  • Full function conference bridge up to 100 users and free to call from any Metavoxx phone
  • Channel spy - monitor telemarketers and train them without the customer hearing
  • Custom audio prompts - customise your menus and prompts plus upload professional recordings
  • On hold music and marketing - upload your own or choose from our royalty free options
  • FAX to email - receive faxes as a PDF in your email inbox
  • Voicemail to email - receive voicemails as a sound file in your email inbox or plan on screen

Instant Messaging

Metavoxx includes a full business messaging platform, accessible in-browser, on IOS and Android apps.

  • Full function instant messenger built into your Metavoxx account
  • Full browser IM application on the desktop and app
  • Connect to your website and talk to your customers for sales or support
  • Private and encrypted
  • File sharing
  • Create unlimited chat rooms
  • Moderator controlled rooms
  • Password protected private rooms
  • Change your nickname in a room
  • Mute users

Video Meeting Room

Multi user meeting in-browser or on your mobile, guests can join without a Metavoxx account and with nothing to install. Once there you can queue them in a waiting room and invite them in when you are ready.

  • Invite meeting participants to a meeting with a one click link
  • Add the link to your website, email or a meeting invite
  • Invitees don't need a Metavoxx account to join a meeting
  • Queue participants in the waiting room and bring them into a meeting when you are ready
  • Perfect for meetings, interviews, sales presentations and technical support agents
  • Present a web page or PDF to a group of participants
  • IM is built in so it is easy to share notes, files and links without leaving the meeting
  • 1-1 or group meetings


Full function email client in a browser and in the mobile app.

  • Private and encrypted
  • Customise with your own domain name
  • Built in spam filtering
  • HTML / Rich text message composing
  • Message search
  • Folders synced on all devices
  • Drag and drop message management
  • Signature in mobile and web-mail
  • Threaded message listing (webmail only)
  • Spell checking (webmail only)
  • Multilingual 70 languages (webmail only)


Metavoxx is built on a powerful and intelligent contact management system (CRM).

Stay fully GDPR compliant when storing UK data, Metavoxx does NOT export your data to US servers, all of our European CRM data is hosted in our London data centre.

  • Automatically save call records and call recordings to the CRM record matching the contact number
  • Automatically save emails in the Business record that they are associated with (by email address)
  • New powerful CRM structure that links multiple contacts to a business and multiple businesses to a contact, to help you easily manage the data and find hidden opportunities
  • Auto date and time stamping of call notes
  • Call notes colour coded by user or department
  • Document storage in each business record for important contracts and quotes and more
  • Powerful global search and refined search functions
  • Business record tagging
  • Call back reminders by diary and displayed in desktop tiles
  • Full access to the CRM when mobile

User Interface

Metavoxx is built around a fully customisable graphical user interface (UI) in a browser. The UI includes user customisable tiles that can deliver data to the user tailored to their roll or for management to provide an overview of the whole business.

  • With the revolutionary floating phone which you can place anywhere on your work space for quick access to your business phone
  • Add only the tiles with functions that are most important to your day
  • Customise the tiles, background and text colours. Design the desktop layout to your own taste.
  • Powerful tabbed navigation system makes multitasking and switching between applications easy whether you are a power user or novice, on a small laptop screen or multi-screen system


The floating toolbox gives direct access to all of Metavoxx’s most important features. This is your business launchpad which you can move around your virtual desktop. With just 1 click all areas of Metavoxx can be accessed.

Tile functions

'Numeric indicator tiles’ show key stats about your business activity in real time on your desktop

  • Personal call records dialled, missed, received or showing all 3 in one tile
  • Team call records dialled, missed, received or showing all 3 in one tile
  • CRM records and businesses, contacts - new and by opportunity stage
  • CRM activity tracker, team and personal
  • Email inbox and sent items
  • Mobile SMS
  • Reminders
  • To do list

"Live data stream tiles’ show more detailed data lists in real time, in a larger tile."

  • Personal call records dialled, missed, received or showing all 3 in one tile
  • Team call records dialled, missed, received or showing all 3 in one tile
  • CRM records, businesses, contacts, new and by opportunity stage
  • CRM activity tracker, team and personal
  • Email inbox and sent items
  • Mobile SMS
  • Reminders
  • To do list
  • IM direct message or group chat in a tile

* Web links tiles allow you to access all of your most important websites with 1 click without leaving the Metavoxx ecosystem. Now you can log in to any computer and all of your website links are there.


Metavoxx includes a comprehensive document management system that can replace a physical filing system, working in conjunction with the other Metavoxx applications helps you keep track of all documents that pass through the business.

  • A full paperless office and access all of your documents wherever you are
  • Drag and drop files into the browser in your UI to upload
  • Each user has a personal document storage area.
  • Users can create their own directory structure
  • Admin can manage user storage and documents
  • Restrict, delete and recovery for users if required
  • Save documents directly to CRM records


Metavoxx’s unique calendar design brings all of your CRM reminders into an easy to use interface, whether you are working leads, booking appointments for others, managing the accounts or any other office task.

  • Manage your own diary in your UI desktop or in the app
  • Manage other users diaries
  • Work in, month, week or day view
  • Add reminders to the diary in a business or contact record
  • See upcoming CRM reminders and pipeline tracking
  • View reminders in a tile right on you desktop

Admin and Security

Metavoxx provides business admins and resellers with powerful administrator functions, phone system control panels and granular privilege controls to customise every user account. Now the IT department can deploy a new user in minutes even on the other side of the world. No remote configuration, software, plug-ins or driver installs, just log in and go.

Corporate data stays secure and in the cloud, even CRM data downloaded to the app is encrypted so it is only accessible in the app. Finally, bring your own device (BYOD) and hot desking even on public computers, becomes a reality!

  • Limit access to CRM records by lead stage
  • Limit access to other users call records
  • Phone system feature access control
  • User settings privileges control
  • Tile privileges control
  • Toolbox application control
  • Business record section access control
  • Contact record section access control
  • Call spend limits
  • Premium rate number blocking
  • Per user call destination restrictions
  • Per user call time and day restrictions
  • Allow users to install ‘stop call recording’ tile - for users that take credit card details
  • Add new users
  • Add new extensions
  • Add new numbers
  • User access control and password resets
  • Upload CSV data files to the CRM
  • Access to each users settings from admin
  • User and device online status indicators