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Metavoxx was born out of our own wish to break free from the office.
We are passionate about our motto ‘the future of work is remote and flexible’.
Gone are the days when we need to commute to an office to effectively communicate with clients or our team or to have access to business documents and records.
Metavoxx puts everything you need to work in one app so you can work anywhere.
We practice what we preach, with all of our employees working remotely in the UK and Asia. Our commitment is to bring that flexibility and efficiency to small businesses that don't have the time, resources to build or maintain complex IT systems. Everything you need is in one app with just one log in.

Why work

We pride ourselves in our product and service excellence.
We know the technology challenges faced by small businesses because we have been working with them to solve these challenges for more than 30 years.
Ethics and integrity is central to our staff training and our approach to business.
Excellence in delivering a solution that solves problems and makes work a pleasure not a chore.
We are human and we know you are too, unlike corporate software solutions, for us, one user is as important to us as a 1000 user account. We are always here to help you get the best out of Metavoxx and to use it to make your business better.


The reason we are so far ahead of our competition in technology is because we are always looking to the future and how Metavoxx fits into it. Metavoxx began working on remote work solutions 5 years before it became as ubiquitous as it is now.
So to the future, we are actively developing features that will allow our users to communicate not just in the real world but also in the metaverse and between different metaverse worlds. We believe that in the future it will be critical for any business to efficiently communicate between virtual and real world properties and clients.


Metavoxx is committed to offering all businesses a simple solution to meet the increasing requirements to offer a net zero business operation. Removing the need to travel wherever possible and the need to operate hardware telephone and IT solutions.
This not only helps the planet but also your finances. We relegate CapEx hardware solutions and equipment leasing to history in favor of a flexible ‘pay per use’ model with no hardware needed so there is no outdated equipment that needs replacing after only a few years and invariably ends up in landfill.

Philanthropy and

The youth of today is our future so here at Metavoxx we are constantly looking for ways to lend a helping hand.
We have recently been training out of work young people on the UK Governments Kickstart scheme to work in our social media marketing department. We have found that some of these youngsters have amazing untapped talent when given the opportunity to use it.
We also operate a charity event to give presents to disadvantaged children at Christmas, more details can be found here https://lovelaughlisten.org/