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Metavoxx Business is a full office ecosystem in the cloud, accessible on any device it includes a cloud communications suite with a full business telephone system, instant messaging, video meetings, and email, beautifully integrated into a contact management system, diary and document storage. No engineers or configuration required, just log in and go!

How We

We know the challenges and aspirations of small businesses, we have been there ourselves, we have also spent more than 30 years helping them with their IT and telecoms. Initially, we built Metavoxx for ourselves to break the chains of the office, so we could work from anywhere. Whether that is just working from a mobile, working from home or while travelling the world.


So Metavoxx was born, not overnight mind you, it took nearly 5 years from conception to market and over that time a lot has changed. Metavoxx has got more and more comprehensive as we have built it, however our rules have always been the same, everything must work in a browser or app with nothing to install, no software, no drivers, no plugins, and nothing stored on the equipment. We believe the result is worth it, it not only means that you can break free of the office, but now there is nothing to install, and there is nothing to break or wear out unless you choose to integrate Metavoxx with on-site hardware of course. Finally, you are no longer dependent even on the computer or phone that you use, backups are a thing of the past because nothing is stored on the device. So with lost stolen or damaged computers you can be up and running again in a minute on replacement equipment, you just log into a browser and everything is there. With a phone you just download the app, all of your contacts are safe in the cloud so no need to use the phone address book anymore, or wonder if you have backed it up.


This journey does not stop here, we are constantly improving the Metavoxx ecosystem and adding new features. The tile store will continue to grow over time with our own applications, the ability to integrate with devices, other popular cloud applications and with more customisations that allow you to create a work environment that is totally tailored to you. We hope you will join the community and enjoy the journey with us, building a future where we are all free to enjoy life doing business in the office, at home or on the go!