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Add additional licences to your Metavoxx Business account. This page is for existing customers and resellers only, if you don’t have an account yet, please place your first order on the pricing page of the Metavoxx website.


Your site ID is shown in the dashboard, top section, of your Metavoxx admin portal.
Prices shown are retail, resellers should use their discount code on the following checkout page.

Metavoxx Business

A standard user account includes, a red mobile app, browser UI access, 1 SIP phone seat, phone number, email address, 1 outgoing call, 2 incoming calls at the same time & 200 minutes of UK landline and UK mobile calls

Metavoxx Phone

Phone only user account, green mobile app, phone number, 1 outgoing call & 2 incoming calls, no access to browser UI or other services.

Additional Handset

This is for connecting additional SIP phones to Metavoxx (each user account comes with 1 handset already so these are handsets that don't belong to a specific user, like an office desk phone, cordless, door or gate phone)

UK Call Bundle

200 minutes of UK landline and UK mobile. For use with phone only apps and handset licences. This is already included with each Metavoxx Business licence.

International Call Bundle

1000 minutes with additional calling destinations. Includes - UK landline and UK mobile.........International landlines, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Romania.

Porting Token

Use 1 token for each single number or DDI you want to port in. Contiguous number ranges will use 1 token for each number with a maximum of 5 tokens per range. Rejected ports will require a new token to resubmit.

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(Your site ID is shown in the dashboard, top section, of your Metavoxx admin portal.)
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