Too Much Paper!

Look around your office, how much paper do you see? That paper is slowing you down. It can take 15 minutes to retrieve a file from a filing cabinet

What happens if someone else has the same file? Or if you are on a customers site or working from home? Do you want employees looking for information or acting on information?

A Symantec whitepaper revealed that 49% of respondents think that information is 49% of their organization's value. How much of your business' value is locked in hard to find, share, and use paper documents?

An often-cited PricewaterhouseCoopers study revealed that 7.5% of documents are lost and another 3.5% are misfiled. Over the course of a year, 1 out of 10 paper documents will go missing and need to be recreated (and if you need to comply with regulations, those missing documents can be a compliance issue too).

There has never been a better time to go paperless.

Research from AIIM spotlights how much there is to gain from removing paper from business processes:

Two-thirds of those adopting paper-free processes report a payback within 18 months. 50% see payback in under 12 months.

Respondents felt that driving paper out of the process would improve the productivity of process staff by 29.7%. For respondents who understood document management and capture technology, that number rose to 35.4%.

Customer service would improve. Respondents felt that removing paper would improve response speed to customers and staff by a factor of four.

Document management and capture tools can digitize your documents, placing them in one secure, easily accessible document repository. Now, instead of rummaging through filing cabinets or your hard drive or your email looking for the latest version of a document, you can find the information you need in seconds instead of minutes or not at all.

Metavoxx offers the ability to file documents in the CRM and contact management system in the business or contact record.

There is also unlimited personal document storage in each user account accessible via the web or the apps. Folders can be managed by an administrator, who can quickly distribute documents to staff and file them under customer records.

As with all features in Metavoxx, privileges give the business admin granular control over each users document access and whether they have the ability to view other users and delete or restore deleted files.