How is Metavoxx Telephony Different?

First of all, how is it the same as a typical VoIP or PBX system? Metavoxx phone system has all fo the features you come to expect in a full office phone system like - Call Groups, IVR, prompts, call recording, call records, music on hold, time profiles, conference rooms, black and white lists, call queues, multiple configurable DDI’s in any city and more.

How about Teams?
Where the above list of standard features makes Metavoxx good enough to replace any standard phone system, on a feature comparison it stands head and shoulders above any other UCaaS system on the market like Teams, not only that, unlike Microsoft, Metaovxx allows its resellers a respectable margin to work with. They also have the freedom to bill alongside the user accounts and SIP extensions, physical handset, connectivity, support services and call bundles.

Now, what is different?
Full remote user deployment

In Metavoxx even admin settings and phone system configuration is easy, no programming, scripts or phone system engineers required to set up mobile and browser users. But resellers can still build a full complex multi-site phone systems with Metavoxx. 

Importantly each endpoint can be fully configured from the admin console by the reseller or site admin if they are given that privilege. So no more Teamviewer sessions to set up a remote users laptop SIP phone, and no more trying to talk a user through setting up SIP credentials on their mobile. There is no configuration to be done on the phone at all; the user downloads the app and logs-in.

With all endpoint types, even the mobile apps, the features and settings for each extension include call recording, destination restrictions, time restrictions, black and white list, voicemail, diverts and more.

The browser phone and mobile app extensions are highly secure and use an encrypted data stream and proprietary endpoint.

Handset extensions are standard SIP protocol so can connect to any handset on the market and other devices like door/gate entry units. So any configuration is possible, and even a mobile app user can answer a door phone.

Extension numbers
The three endpoint types we include are - 

Traditional SIP phones, extensions 2xxx.

Browser phone users logged in the Metavoxx graphical ‘user interface’ (UI), extensions 3xxx.

Metavoxx app users, extensions 4xxx.

(for improved security the extension numbers are not used as part of the SIP credentials)

This new extension architecture allows a user who was, for example, 200 on their old system to be configured as 2200 for their desk phone, 3200 for their UI phone and 4200 on their mobile app, so the end-users can quickly remember the new numbering system, even though there are many more options than the old system and 3000 endpoint extension numbers available to choose from.

On the subject of extension numbers, with Metavoxx each voicemail box has an extension number, each call group and each conference room. This means they can be quickly dialled internally or a receptionist can transfer a caller to a mailbox or into a conference.

With call groups all of a user’s endpoints could be added to a group so now any user can call, for example, 5200 to call their desk phone, mobile app and UI phone simultaneously.

It’s also easy to link external landlines and mobile numbers so they become part of the system for call routing, and you guessed it they can also be called with an extension number.

Call recording in the CRM
Although you will find a standard call recording and call records list in the Metavoxx phone system that can be searched. We have another bit of magic that is out of the reach of all other phone systems that just offer ‘CRM integration’. As we have built a CRM fully integrated with the phone system in the cloud, you will find when you look in the CRM records and contact management system; each record automatically lists all of the calls to and from the numbers in the CRM record. That means you can quickly see when the sales team last called a customer and also listen to the call recordings from the CRM.

Of course, we recognise that you may not want all employees to have access to this information, so access to those section of the CRM record can be switched off on a per-user basis in privilege settings.

Like everything in Metavoxx, all of the above is included in a standard user account at no extra cost, everything is easy to use, and it all works as soon as you log in the first time, and for admins and power users, you have control, everything is configurable!