Top requested CRM features



Metavoxx certainly comes with a raft of innovative features in all of its applications and the CRM is no exception, even though it has been designed to be easy to use by non-technical users and requires no configuration to get started. Metavoxx includes 8 of the 11 listed in this survey, including the top 3, and includes many other groundbreaking features.

This recent survey by Software Advice lists 11 of the top requested CRM features. 



Contact management has always been a core feature of Metavoxx, its unique structure provides a separate database for 'people' and 'corporations' but give the user the ability to link them in a one to many relationships in both directions. This feature allows the user to build a detailed profile of all of the contacts they deal with in each business. And to quickly jump between the contacts and linked business or vice versa.


In Metavoxx, managers and business owners can monitor users remotely as they work leads, save updates, add call back reminders and update the sales stage of each CRM record. They can also monitor the calls they make and listen to their call recordings, which would be impossible for a conventional CRM.


In terms of integrations, that's done already in Metavoxx, so no need to connect your CRM to a third party phone system and unlike most other phone systems on the market, no need to pay extra for a CRM and attempt to connect them, Metavoxx does that for you in the cloud at no extra cost.


Yes, that's right, when you see other phone system specifications that say CRM integration included, what they really mean is 'You need to pay £80 a month per user (or more) for a CRM in addition to the cost of this phone system, it is not included, and you need to work out how to connect them!!"


Metavoxx includes

  • Contact Management

  • Interaction tracking

  • Reminders

  • Sales pipeline monitoring

  • Central database

  • Integration

  • Lead generation

  • And much more

Source - Software Advice