What makes the Metavoxx mobile app different?

In the week when Metavoxx launches its first mobile app on Google Play and the IOS version is on the way, I would like to take a look at how it differs from other similar apps on the market.


If you have been following you will know our rule is 'no install and no configuration, just log in and go!'


Of course, with a mobile app, this isn't going to strictly be true, unlike a PC, a mobile works much more efficiently if the application is installed. So we have broken our own rule already by building an installable application but bear with me.


After installing and logging in, you will see that your phone extension is already online and ready to make and receive calls, there was no SIP configuration required.

Your email is already configured and working, and you have full access to the CRM, call notes, reminders and document storage. (assuming the administrator has granted you full access in privileges).

Your phone contacts are already in the app. Your instant messenger account is already set up and working, and as with all these applications, one-click takes you into your video meeting room.


The significance of this goes far further than just the speed and ease of setup. It means that if you lose your phone while away from home, you only need to install one app to get back to work. You are no longer dependent on the contents of your phone's phonebook; Metavoxx stores all contacts in the cloud.


By now you will be using your Metavoxx DDI as your primary number, that makes you contactable wherever you are, so the number on the SIM card is irrelevant. Travelling outside of Europe and using your UK SIM card can cost you more than the flight if you are not extremely careful, and even if you are, it will cost you hundreds of pounds a week to work on a mobile phone while travelling, trust me, I have tried every way. So now you just take the UK SIM card out and replace it with a local one with cheap data, or you jump on the WiFi wherever you are. Metavoxx means you still have the same number whatever device or network you are on and wherever you are!


And the benefits go on.... For admins, remote users can be deployed in minutes, with no remote configuration or complex setup required. And users can be removed just as quick; the admin simply disables the account with one click. All application services are stopped to the user, and no data is left on the device. So now admins can allow users to work from their own phones without compromising the company data, in the full knowledge that all of the data they collected is safely in the business CRM. Every note they took and every reminder they set and of course every call they make is recorded. This is ideal for temporary and contract staff, but frankly, all companies should have this level of control, because permanent staff still leave.


The Metaovxx mobile app is a full system phone in an app with hold-and-transfer of calls, internal calling and extension dialling. Calls are encrypted, so it is safe to use on public WifI. (Yes that SIP app you have been using is open for anyone with a laptop on the same network to listen to and record your calls)

The unique way the app talks to our server means that you can roam from WiFi to the mobile network and back again without the call dropping out. So you don't have to think about that fact that you are leaving the office and driving off in your car, the phone call will continue uninterrupted!


If you would like to try Metavoxx for yourself, download the app today and get started experiencing the future of business!