Why Metavoxx Apps?

Metavoxx provides the user with a revolutionary tile-based virtual desktop environment in a browser with a full set of applications for collaboration, communication and contact management. These apps can all be launched at the same time in separate browser tabs or on separate screens on a multi-screen computer. Nothing needs to be installed on the computer, and nothing needs to be configured, just log in, and you are in the office, anywhere in the world! 


The Phone
The UI phone gives you a full phone system experience in a browser, no install or configuration required. The phone is powered by a full-featured VoIP system in the cloud, with advanced inbound routing including IVR, time profiles, groups, queues and much more. We also incorporate granular extension management for remote admin control of SIP phones, browser phones and mobile app users, all of these include; destination restrictions, time restrictions, call recording, black and white lists and much more. 


Business CRM
The CRM lets you manage all of your business interactions, whether its customers, prospects or suppliers, you can record contact info, make notes, set reminders, tag, set sales stage, and store documents relating to the business. You can also link contacts to a business record to build up a detailed profile of each person you deal with in each business. 


Contact Management
This is where you manage detailed information about each person you deal with, including, full contact information, notes, reminders and social media accounts. You can also link the businesses they are associated with to enable you to jump quickly to their business information with one click. 


Video Meetings
Share a one-click link to invite guests that don't have a Metavoxx account to join you in your personal meeting room. Or share the waiting room link and queue visitors in the waiting room until you are ready to bring them into the meeting, great for interviewing or support. 


Send a one-click link to share your screen or browser window, there is nothing to install for guests even if they are not on Metavoxx, so why not invite your customers and show them your latest products while you talk with them on the phone. 


Business Messaging
Securely message your staff whether they are in the office mobile or working remotely. Create groups for each part of the business or for each project. Password protect private groups like management discussion groups. Send pictures back to the office from a customer site; everything is accessible on desktop and mobile, so all users that are invited to the group can see what is happening and join the conversation.


Metavoxx mail is synced across all of your devices and requires no configuration when you change your device. Lost phone while travelling, no problem, just download the Metavoxx app on the new phone and you are up and running again with the same phone number, all email accounts set up automatically and access to all of you business data. Just change your password, and your business data is inaccessible in the lost device as well. 


Document Storage
Document Storage is embedded in each CRM business record in Metavoxx so everyone in the business who you give access so that record and the document storage section can see all the essential contracts and quotes for that business. Not only that, each user gets a personal document storage area in their virtual desktop, now there is no excuse for not having all of your paperwork with you, you can even get to documents on the mobile app. 


In addition to working as a regular calendar, Metavoxx calendar shows all of the CRM reminders you set in business records and reminders to call people back in contacts. This gives you an excellent overview of the day or month ahead. Even if you are not on the computer at the time of an event, no problem, your Metavoxx mobile app will make sure you don't forget it with a handy tray reminder that when clicked goes right to the contact details of the person you need to call or meet with. 


The Tile Store
In your virtual desktop, the apps are all brought together with an intuitive tile-based user interface. If you are a lone-worker, you can design the tiles to show all of the calls you have made, even when on the mobile, and other tiles can show recently worked on CRM record or recent records by sales stage. If you are an owner or manager, you can monitor your staff remotely with the activity tracker tile, or display calls made or received, how about leads that are changed to prospects, collaboration documents, website links and much more. Each user can fully customise their virtual desktop to provide all of the critical information they need to get the job done!


This is just an overview of the main apps in Metavoxx, to fully appreciate the power and versatility of Metavoxx contact us to book your introductory webinar today.