Top tips to follow for better video meetings/conferences


Businesses up and down the country and around the globe, always conduct meetings and conferences on a variety of topics regarding the work done in and around the company. However, video calls have revolutionised how meetings are now taken. Having meetings via a webcam can save a lot of time, and allows for employees to be more flexible, with absentees able to join the meeting from anywhere in the world


It is still vital that you get the best results out of using video calls told hold meetings and conferences and that productivity of them is the same if not better than meeting face to face. Below are our top tips to follow for better video meetings/conferences:


  • Stable internet connection - It is heavily important to have a stable internet connection. Without this the meeting can become very stop-start, with audio and video problems likely to occur. Make sure the wi-fi you are connected to is strong enough, around 1mbps for each member in the meeting (e.g. if 7 employees in a video call, then around 7mbps would be enough for a stable video meeting)

  • Suitable Clothing - This is dependent on the attire of your business. If employees wear formal attire then do so accordingly, just because it is a video meeting does not mean it in not formal.

  • Visibility - Make sure you can be seen and heard on the video call. Allow for enough lighting so that you can be seen and make sure you speak loud enough to be heard, but not too loud, you don’t want to burst anyone’s ear drums!!

  • Be Patient - Avoid speaking at the same time as others, too many voices can congest the call and no information can be put across. Be patient and wait your turn to speak so that everything you or others say can be heard.

  • Get familiar with your tools - Before using video calls, make sure you are familiar with the interface, you don’t want to get into the meeting and you aren’t sure of what button to press. Familiarise yourself with what you are using before entering a meeting.


These few tips will certainly allow for better video meetings/conferences, but don’t discard the rules of a face to face meeting, as they still apply over the internet. Be punctual, no one likes it when you turn up late to a meeting, and it’s the same online. Set agendas and keep eye contact, no one want to see the back of your head as you read off a board behind you.


If you follow the tips above then you most certainly will have better video meetings/conferences, increasing the productivity of your business when you aren’t meeting face to face.