Top 10 tips for working on the go


Have you ever embarked on a day working away from the office feeling like you’ve forgotten something? A little less equipped somehow compared to being at your desk with a laptop that reliably connects to the internet each morning and a desk phone to boot?


Technology has made working on the go possible and because it improves productivity, many employers expect it. There’s nothing to fear, but it can take a while to get accustomed to it.


This is no SAS mission though. We have the tools. We have the technology. It’s going to be fine.


Equip yourself with these top 10 tips and embrace that mobile workspace!

  1. Love your cables – remember to pack all your chargers and cables and take the time coil them neatly before you put them away each time. Neglected cables become worn and then it’s only a matter of time before they let you down.

  2. Keep your calendar up to date – make sure your calendar shows your whereabouts if it’s not your usual location. That way, if you don’t get the chance to mention it before leaving the office the night before, your colleagues can figure it out for themselves. 

  3. Synchronise for success – set up automatic syncs between your office network and laptop (or any other devices you use) to make sure you always have the latest version of work on the device you’ll be taking with you. It’s worth setting this up properly initially so you can then relax knowing everything syncs automatically from then on.

  4. Be resourceful – make a list of people that can help if you have a problem with your laptop or travel plans etc along with their telephone numbers. No matter how prepared you are, these things happen from time-to-time and it’ll give you peace of mind.

  5. Set call diverts or voicemails – if you’ll still be able to take calls, remember to divert your office phone to your mobile or, if you’re likely to be tied up in meetings most of the day, remember to turn on your voicemail.

  6. Be disciplined – it’s easy to get distracted by your environment, so set yourself clear goals for the day out of the office and stick to them. Figure out how much time you will have free to work around meetings or driving, plan what can be achieved in that time, and knuckle down.

  7. Nurture your batteries – whilst you’d hope to never be too far away from a power supply, it’s worthwhile regularly running battery optimisation checks on each of your devices. That way, you can go longer between charges. If you often find yourself stuck for a power supply, remember to carry a fully charged power brick.

  8. Become a mobile workspace magpie – get to know the places that welcome mobile workers. Coffee shops are a popular choice but can get very busy and won’t always have a table. Libraries and hotels make great alternatives.

  9. Keep safe – perhaps an obvious one, but never leave your laptop, mobile devices or personal belongings unattended when you’re out and about. The inconvenience of losing them is painful to say the least. The same applies to your anti-virus software – make sure it’s up to date so that it can protect you as you move around and between public wi-fi zones. 

  10. Take a break – working on the go can be tiring and sometimes lonely. Try arranging a virtual coffee/lunch break with a colleague. Or make a point of engaging in a little chatter with the barista at the coffee shop you’ve settled at for the afternoon.  


Working on the go unlocks so many opportunities and allows you to be much more productive. To get the most out of it, forward plan, be resourceful, keep organised and focused. Before you know it, you’ll have your mobile working wings and never look back.


To further increase your productivity and that of your team while working on the go, consider using a browser-based communications and CRM platform.